Staying busy as a beaver...

Well, just as the title says, I'm busy as a beaver down here at the pond, and we've got a quite few of them. I'm working steadily at my Big Hope Studio writing and recording.  The weather is getting really beautiful, too, so I'm doing a bunch of things in the yard to get ready for summer.  Also, I've started on a new book of poetry (I think I mentioned that before.  My mind is like a screendoor lately).  

Anyway, I have a bunch of new songs up on my website.  Here's the link.  I just released one called “I'm A Quiet Man.”  I really like it, and I know you will too,  but it's a little trickier than it sounds. Give it a listen.  Folks on social media tend to click the like button and comment and make believe they listened or watched stuff.  Don't be like them.  They're no fun at parties. 

It's a song that has a lot of different angles, and not all are about me.  I try not to be too autobiographical.  If I were, I'd be singing about my love for lasagna and Beverly Hillbillies re-runs, and who wants to hear about that.  Working on another one now called “You Gotta Go Down.” 

So stay in touch on my website, because I'm putting out a new song about every three weeks or so, and I hate to keep bugging you with blogs and emails, and social media isn't so social these days.  That's no fun either.  So, click on the music tab on my website, or go to your favorite streaming platform.  Until we meet again in the virtual world, stay happy, healthy, and hopeful. Pete

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