Remembering George Harrison

It's George's birthday, and along with millions of other Beatle fanatics, I miss him dearly.  I'm grateful he gave so much of himself to us through his music, and believe it or not I actually got to tell him so, in one chance encounter. I was at the salad bar in a Providence, RI grocery store, when I happened to look over. I saw someone who looked uncannily like a young George. Aha! Then it dawned on me. His son Dhani is a Brown University student.  But as I looked again, there was George and Olivia buying flowers. So the angel on my left shoulder said "Leave him alone," but the devil on my right shoulder screamed at me to meet him. I listened to the devil. I passively and unstalkingly (real word?) approached him, and introduced myself. Then I thanked for his music and for changing my life. Then he thanked me!!!! What??? So I went on to ask him a musical question (because that's usually what rock stars want to talk about), despite my fanboy excitement, when a guy in a chef's hat came out from the back, whipped out a Sharpie, and said, "Hey, you're George Harrison!"  Next thing I knew, Dhani yelled, "Dad," and tossed George a set of keys, at which point my encounter with a Beatle went bolting out the door like a scene from "A Hard Day's Night."  I was a bit perturbed. A little while later I found myself behind Olivia and Dhani in the checkout line. This time I shut the devil up. Then out in the parking lot, I saw George sitting alone in the back seat of a car, with the door open, looking through the viewfinder of a camcorder.  Temptation.... But, I knew I had a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and that I should just be grateful, and leave it at that.  He died a couple of years later, and when I heard the news I knew how lucky I - and the world - was to be on the planet at the same time as George Harrison.