Black Coffee and Lipstick Music Video News!

This is the photo that inspired me to write "Black Coffee and Lipstick."  And now, the gang is almost done casting for the new music video.  This has been a great adventure for me, and I owe a ton of love to Marianne Almonte and her incredible team at The Courthouse Center for the Arts in West Kingston, RI, as well as to Lou San Antonio at Soundscape Recording, in Attleboro, MA. Check out the links for both facilities on my home page.  All of us here behind the scenes are so excited and inspired to keep creating.  To paraphrase Brian Wilson on what gives him inspiration, he said "Music.  I love music.  That is my inspiration."  I think I'll add that we're all here trying to make a positive difference in the world, too, but music ain't that bad either.  It's "Go Go Go" here in my little world, and I hope we can inspire you through what we create to have the best life possible.  Much love to you all, and don't forget to sign on to the mailing list and join the team!  Pete

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