Life In the Time Of...

The times they are a changin'

Hi Everyone!  I hope this finds you well.  My friend Patty Jeffrey at asked me to write a few words about what's happening behind the scenes with me during these trying times.  Read all about it here:

Hoping You're Healthy and Safe and Sane!

Hi everyone. Just checking in. Hugging my guitar because, well, you can't hug humans right now. Anyway, I haven't jumped on the streaming concert thing because, honestly, I have terrible social anxiety, and we're in anxious times as well. That said, I've been very busy recording down here in the Camp Itchybottom Audio-Visual Studio and Fallout Shelter Basement Complex. I just finished (finally) a new one called Big Muddy River (well used title, but hey, you can't copyright titles). It's now in the talented hands of Lou San Antonio at Soundscape Recording for mixing and mastering. And today I did some video shooting around my little campground. So, if I'm lucky it'll all be ready in a few days. Stay heathy and safe and hopeful. Stay in touch. Much peace and love, Pete

March Forward - Hope On The Horizon 

HI Everyone!  Happy March!  March is my second fave month.  For me, it is filled with hope for the future, as the Earth once again begins to come alive.  I feel extra grateful and lucky during this month.  And I'm awfully grateful and lucky about the creative process behind the scenes here.  Three songs are out, with more to come shortly.  We're recording at quite a clip in two studios, National Sound Studio in Rhode Island, and Soundscape Recording in Massachusetts.  In addition, we have videos in the…

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New song and video! 

Hi All!  We've been busy behind the scenes here, wrapping up recording for a new song.  It's called "Simple Love Simple Life," and is the title track for the album. Just finished all the shooting for the video, too, so we hope to have both released this week.  Hope you're all happy and healthy and, as always, thank you for your support.  It means the world to me.  Pete

Remembering George Harrison 

It's George's birthday, and along with millions of other Beatle fanatics, I miss him dearly.  I'm grateful he gave so much of himself to us through his music, and believe it or not I actually got to tell him so, in one chance encounter. I was at the salad bar in a Providence, RI grocery store, when I happened to look over. I saw someone who looked uncannily like a young George. Aha! Then it dawned on me. His son Dhani is a Brown University student.  But as I looked again, there was George and Olivia buying…

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Black Coffee and Lipstick Music Video News! 

This is the photo that inspired me to write "Black Coffee and Lipstick."  And now, the gang is almost done casting for the new music video.  This has been a great adventure for me, and I owe a ton of love to Marianne Almonte and her incredible team at The Courthouse Center for the Arts in West Kingston, RI, as well as to Lou San Antonio at Soundscape Recording, in Attleboro, MA. Check out the links for both facilities on my home page.  All of us here behind the scenes are so excited and inspired to keep…

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