15 October 2022 - South County, Rhode Island - Well, I was cited today, but it's all good.  Got a fancy proclamation from the State of Rhode Island in honor of my upcoming "milestone" birthday.  The miles keep getting shorter, these days, but I'm honored and grateful to Rhode Island Representative Brian Patrick Kennedy and Speaker Joseph Shekarchi, as well as Representatives Christopher Blazejewski and Michael Chippendale for noticing. I really do love Rhode Island with all my heart, and with my music and poetry try my best to make it an even better place to live, and to make everyone's lives at least a little more hopeful.  Hopefully I can do that for you, as well.  I'll keep trying, if it hasn't worked yet.  Anyway, thank you.  It makes a kid feel special to be noticed.  Stay happy, healthy, and hopeful.  Pete

07 October 2022 - South County, Rhode Island - Just a quick check in to say hello, and thanks for supporting my little endeavors in music and poetry.  It's been a busy few weeks or so.  I've released four new songs since the beginning of September, and should have a fifth one out next week.  An album?  Still debating if I should.  Let me know what you think.  It's also John Mellencamp's birthday today.  He's one of my musical heroes, and as opposed to preventing any of his influences from seeping into my songs, I celebrate them when they might appear.  Good art does that, and I hope to create good art.  Stay healthy, happy, and hopeful.  Pete  p.s. up here in the northeast, the leaves are in full splendor showing off like a peacock.  It's beautiful.  Have to enjoy every moment in life.