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My favorite coffee mug.

A lazy Sunday update and check-in... 

Hi Folks - I won't ask for a lot of your time.  Just wanted to say hello, hope you're having a great summer, and thanks for your support.  I'm streaming just about everywhere on every site, so I hope my music finds its way to your ears.  Remember too, that download on my website are free, now.  I've got a new song I just finished writing yesterday, and I hope to start recording today.  It's a happy song.  Go figure.  Well, thank you, and stay healthy, happy, and hopeful.  Pete

It's Independence Day Weekend... 

Hi Folks - I'm a very amateur American history geek.  In the last couple of years I've started to properly explore the American Colonial and Revolutionary periods.  Didn't take me much more than turning a couple of pages in a few books to have a “Holy (Musket) Smokes” epiphany.  What a history we have in America.  And while it isn't perfect, it really is something to study a bit, and in my case really appreciate.  Of course, this is the weekend we celebrate it all, and this year it's just that much more meaningful for me.  By the way, if you're on my mailing list, you got a free download (hint: it's about my favorite American car).  Have a great and safe holiday weekend.  Stay healthy, happy, and hopeful.  Pete

Folk and Folk-Rock Music - I have a lot to learn... 

I'm taking a “deep dive,” as the trendy hipsters call it these days, into studying folk and folk-rock music.  Shame on me that it took so long to really dedicate the time and effort to really learn where this American art form came from and by whom.  But, hey, I'm a slow learner and a late bloomer and all those other things.  Anyway, that's what I've been up to in the last week or two.  I find these really great books (see the photo - the sequel is still on my bookshelf) to help me learn a thing or two.  I expect this new education will soon seep into my songs, so keep an ear peeled for the peal of music…. Until then, stay happy, healthy, and hopeful.  Pete

Happy Father's Day, and A Big Thank You For A Big List 

Happy Father's Day, folks.  I just saw the list of this week's streamers on my website (not counting other streaming platforms). I wish I knew who some of these folks are, especially in the far-away places, to tell them how much I appreciate it. If you're on this list, I'm awfully grateful.  If you could keep it up, and tell your friends to give my music a listen and my poetry a glance, I'd be even more grateful.  Until then, stay happy, healthy, and hopeful. Pete

Providence, Rhode Island, United States 
East Providence, Rhode Island, United States 
Riverside, Rhode Island, United States
Westerly, Rhode Island, United States
Cranston, Rhode Island, United States
Fort Worth, Texas, United States
Ashburn, Virginia, United States
East Greenwich, Rhode Island, United States
Woonsocket, Rhode Island, United States
Luleå, Norrbotten County, Sweden
Pawtucket, Rhode Island, United States
Pascoag, Rhode Island, United States
Forest City, North Carolina, United States
North Kingstown, Rhode Island, United States
West Warwick, Rhode Island, United States
Attleboro, Massachusetts, United States
Newton, New Jersey, United States
Foxborough, Massachusetts, United States
Saint Augustine, Florida, United States
Kernersville, North Carolina, United States
Barrington, Rhode Island, United States
Altoona, Iowa, United States
Gunzenhausen, Bavaria, Germany
Homosassa, Florida, United States
Bristol, Rhode Island, United States
Lincoln, Rhode Island, United States
East Hampton, Connecticut, United States
Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
Coventry, Rhode Island, United States
Fall River, Massachusetts, United States
New Bedford, Massachusetts, United States
Rehoboth, Massachusetts, United States
Sevierville, Tennessee, United States 
Middletown, Rhode Island, United States
Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Narragansett, Rhode Island, United States
Warwick, Rhode Island, United States
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Portsmouth, Rhode Island, United States
Clonee, Leinster, Ireland
New York, New York, United States
Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Ansonia, Connecticut, United States
Franklin, New Hampshire, United States
Randolph, Vermont, United States
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Brockton, Massachusetts, United States
Northbridge, Massachusetts, United States

New song! 

Howdy Everyone!  Just got my new song, “I Loved You,” back from the master engineer with a personal note complimenting me on it and the performance.  Well, if that didn't make my day, I don't know what could.  Yeah, he might be just a nice guy, but I'll take his note for everything I can.  It made me happy.  Hopefully you'll like the song too… Stay healthy, happy, and hopeful. Pete

RIP Astrud Gilberto.., 

Hi Everyone - just heard the sad news we lost Astrud Gilberto, best known for her singing on "The Girl From Ipanema." Her influence on me is immeasurable, and is so profound I wrote "Just In Case" as an homage.  It's a sad summer day here st the pond. RIP Astrud. Stay happy, healthy, and hopeful. Pete

Happy June... 

Well June 1st is here.  Got to get outside and take in the late, languorous sunsets before the Solstice happens, and the sunsets get earlier again… wait, there I go with my pessimistic side.  But seriously, there is a sense of urgency about summer in New England, it being short.  But June is a beautiful month and summer in New England is everything the poets ever said about it, and more.  I can't think of anything better.  We're lucky.  Lots of childhood memories about June, that I'll save for another post.  Thanks again for listening to my music, and reading my poetry, and for being kind to me, in general.  I owe ya.  Stay happy, healthy, and hopeful.  Pete

CD copies of my music... 

I was just notified that Amazon and CD Baby are sold out of my album/CD.  CD Baby is no longer distributing CDs, ironically. I have a few copies left for purchase (see link on my page). IT IS STILL STREAMING ON SPOTIFY, PANDORA, APPLE, AMAZON, and many more platforms. Thanks you!! Pete


Happy birthday, Bob 

Well it's here, and in America I'd say in some ways it's as big as the Fourth of July. It's Bob Dylan's birthday and if there isn't an American icon as big, and as important as Bob Dylan (OK maybe the Statue of Liberty), then I don't know what is. I arrived at Bob Dylan through the circuitous route of a trip down the Beatles-In-Wonderland rabbit hole. Then as I grew up, I got smart enough and sophisticated enough to really understand what they and everybody else already understood. So here I am on my third reading of his book Chronicles (which I highly recommend) and find myself loving the man and his music even more. So happy birthday, Bob, if I can call you, Bob, like we're close personal friends. Anyway, just glad we're sharing the planet at the same time and if that ain't friendship, I don't know what is. Stay healthy, happy and hopeful, Pete

New music and stuff! 

Hi Folks - i'm staying busy down here at the pond. Hope you're doing well. I have been uploading a lot of new music, because as you probably already know, I write and record stuff as fast as I can. So I hope you like it. I'm streaming on all the major platforms as well so you can enjoy it there too. Anyway, I'm going to be dropping my social media accounts in the near future so be sure to stay in touch and connected right here on my website. Thanks again for your support. Stay happy, healthy, and hopeful. Pete.