It's a rainy Sunday here at the pond...

Well, hope you're doing well.  I've released a new song called “The Windows Of My Room,” and I'm pretty proud of it.  You can download it or stream it everywhere.  I'd appreciate it.  And I'm just about wrapped up recording another one called “I'm A Quiet Man,” which believe it or not is a bit autobiographical.  I was going to call it “I'm A Shy Man,” but it didn't sound as nice when you sing it.  Plus, I get the “Wait! You? Shy?” stuff far too often at fancy dinner parties and soirees that I frequently get invited to.  Turns out, for a quiet man like me, I have a lot to say.  I just keep it confined to songs and poetry.  Anyway, thank you for your support.  Stay healthy, happy, and hopeful.  Pete

oh yeah, p.s.   I'm working on a new poetry book, too.  Staying busy like the beavers here at the pond.

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