1. Pete Silva

From the recording Nancy (Come On and Dance)

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Pete Silva is a singer/songwriter/poet from South County, Rhode Island.


Nancy (Come Out and Dance) – Pete Silva 2020

Put your best dress on - Get your girlfriends on the phone
Meet me tonight - There’s a party going on
Down the old church hall - All the action’s on the floor
The band’s warmed up - They’ll be swinging all night long

Hey Hey Hey Hey - Wo Wo Wo Wo
Hey Nancy Baby - Come out and dance with me

Now don’t be shy – I heard you got a move or two
Just slide my way – Gonna see what we can do
They’re playin’ our song – With a double shot of rhythm and blues
Two hearts beat like one – That’s the rhythm of me and you


Later on – we’ll count the stars we see
And spend the night – Dancin’ on the beach
While the cool sea breeze – Runs its fingers through your hair
And your sweet, sweet kiss – Starts our summer love affair