From the recording Big Muddy River

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Pete Silva is a singer/songwriter/poet and voice over artist in South County, Rhode Island.


Big Muddy River – Pete Silva – Copyright 2020

Drive me down to the banks of glory
Cut my motor by the river side
Drive me down to tell my story
'Cause it's here I'm gonna dive

Wash my soul in the Big Muddy River
Wash away my original sin
The current’s strong in the Big Muddy River
Redemption’s sink or swim

The river runs cold - The river runs deep
It’ll shiver your bones - It’ll strip you clean
It’s you alone - In that Big Muddy River
Love in search - Of the holy sea

Drown my sins in the Big Muddy River
With prayers on my lips from the Book of James
I’ll be so pure in the Big Muddy River
Gonna free me from these chains