From the recording (She's A) Rash Hellcat

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Pete Silva is a singer/songwriter/poet and voice over artist from South County, Rhode Island.


(She’s A) Rash Hellcat – Pete Silva

She’s the upstairs neighbor, she’s the girl next door
‘Till she sneaks like a kitten right across your floor
She’s a black pyewacket with her magic spells
Toil and trouble in the wishing well
Like a rough hurly burly ‘neath a lover’s moon
She’s a rash hellcat on a hot tin roof

Next thing you know you bought a diamond ring
Then she slaps that toy like a piece of string
Soon you’ll find her in your neighbor’s tree
‘Cause you just can’t kill her curiosity
She’s a walking shadow with her struts and moves
She’s a rash hellcat on a hot tin roof

Run and hide but her magic’s black
Bell, book, and candle’s gonna drive you back
She’s a tempest tossin’ in a paper sack
Knock knock baby guess who just came back

I’ll tell you mister what’s done is done
With something wicked comes something fun
Fair is foul and foul is fair
The love that follows is a black affair
Mark my words as living proof
She’s a rash hellcat on a hot tin roof