Table of Contents from my book "Late November Walk: Poems and Select Lyrics."  Available here at Amazon .



The Train and the Boy     5 
Snow Days     5 
Ghost Stories at Night 
He’s A Naïve Sort of Fellow 
Simply Because 
Once Upon a Time They Say or The True Story of Sir Valentine the Poet 
The Ducks in the Winter 
The Last Patch of Snow in March 
The First Time 
And She Told Me 


The Garden and the Shed 
All This Rain 
Fighting the Forces at Play or The Ballad of Bobby and Carl and Me 
Little Did I Know 
Goodnight Again 
I’ve Said It All 
Lorinda Take Me Along 
Unfinished Dream No. 1 
Maryann’s Eyes 
The Travelers – Another Gift from the Sea 


Walking On This Cloudy Sunday Morning 
Oh How Lovely the World Looks 
About the Weekend 
October Sunday Morning 
I Heard the Rain 
I Really Don’t Think He Felt A Thing 
Little Did I Know 
The Apple Tree Roots 
This October Sunday Morn 
A Measured Walk in the Rain 
Late November Walk 
The Autumn Leaves Us 


Winter is Here 
A New Winter Morning 
Sunday Coffee and Rolls 
Sunday Morning So Far 
Why Don’t We Fix Things? 
They Call Snow A Storm 
Lady of Sorrow 
A Gray Galleon 
The Longest Night 
New Year’s Eve 
A New Day – A New Year 
We Are Waiting For 
And Just Like That 
A Stairway of Some Permanence 
Sketches of A Washington Funeral 
You Have Arrived at Your Destination 

Lyrics and backstories from the album Simple Love, Simple Life 

(Just Like You) Déjà vu 
Simple Love, Simple Life 
While the Mandolins Played 
Black Coffee and Lipstick 
Be My Love In the Rain 
The Story of Letting Go 
Nancy (Come On and Dance) 
(She’s A) Rash Hellcat 
Her Locket Made of Gold 
’57 Nomad 
Big Muddy River 
Maxim’s Room 
(Say My Name) Freedom

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